Why H.E.R. Story?



The H.E.R. story, project is a one- to-one mentorship program for at-risk high school girls between the ages of 14-18 in Washington D.C.. The program exposes at risk girls to various post-secondary opportunities. Activities include but are not limited to personal esteem building, proper mannerisms and workplace etiquette, resume creation, the college application process, domestic violence, sexual health and numerous community service opportunities. Mentors consist of trained and vetted young professionals and local college students.This program addresses the need of African American teenage girls at-risk of becoming detrimental statistics such as high school dropouts or engaging in risky behavior. The majority of students in the program are first-generation college students and come from communities with high crime and high levels of poverty.

We have seen the following outcomes: 100% high school graduation, 100% admitted into a post-secondary institution or trade program, an improvement in student overall GPA by at least one letter grade and an improvement in overall student academic self- concept. We recognize the unique pressure today’s urban teens face; drugs, sex, online bullying, etc. Students without stable home lives are less likely to have advocates in their corner urging them to graduate.

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